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  1. Bridgette

    Amazing, these are the best frozen treats ever!

    • admin

      Thank you!

  2. Jessenia

    My name is Jessenia and I am writing in regards to your product of Pure Pops by Fairyella. Just recently, I came across your product at the Whole Foods in San Mateo and was immediately impressed by the delicious taste and decided to buy a handful of 20 popsicles.

    My uncle, who has been battling liver cancer for the last year was recently told that he has anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months to live. He has lost his appetite and energy but has somehow managed to eat the Pure Pops by Fairyella on a daily basis which has given us hope that he may survive a bit longer than doctors have predicted.

    My family and I have been making trips to the Whole Foods in San Mateo but after almost buying everything off their shelf, I was was wondering if it would be possible to place a special order for 1 box of each flavor (Kale, Orange, Lemon and Watermelon, not sure if you have other flavors) and get an estimate?

    Please let me know, I am more than happy to pick them up if needed. I look forward to hearing from you, thank you for your time.

    Kind regards,


  3. Andrea

    I found Fairyella ice pops at Whole Foods in Roseville, CA. I bought the green monster and the watermelon pop. Both were refreshing and delicious.What I loved was how those ice pops made my skin glow and look incredibly healthy. I will buy some in the future. I want to buy the orange ice pop; it looks yummy!

    • Kimberli Haris

      Thank you Andrea for your wonderful comment.

  4. EGASpa
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  5. BURGERpa
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