Our Story

Fairyella the Toothfairy was created in 1976 by my mother, Martha Haris. I was 6 years old when Fairyella first came into my life and she opened my eyes to a world of fantasy. I could not wait to lose a tooth. I left Fairyella many notes and little treats throughout my childhood and she would do the same in return. Growing up and having Fairyella in my life was the most exciting thing ever. She is as real to me now as she has ever been.

Woman giving Kids Ice Pops | Fairyella Ice Pops all natural, healthy ice pops California

Diagnosed with breast cancer and given only 3 months to live in 2007, we juiced together in hope to save her but after a long battle, my mother passed in 2010. Before she went on her new journey in life, her dream was for every child in the world to know Fairyella. With the help from An Elderly Wish Foundation, I am continuing her dream and opening a whole new world of fantasy to children everywhere. I have created a tasty real food treat for kids of all ages from our recipes. My mother and I also wrote seven stories in rhyme of Fairyella and her trusted companion, Dragonfly Floyd.

The Adventures of Fairyella the Tooth Fairy and Dragonfly Floyd

Every child, all over the world, loses a tooth now and again. There are many fairies, even tooth fairies, but with no identity. We wish to give all children, Fairyella the Tooth Fairy, with her companion Dragonfly Floyd and their never-ending adventures.

Kimberli Haris | Fairyella Ice Pops all natural, healthy ice pops California

Kimberli Haris


Fairyella Ice Pops are handcrafted with love. They are made with fruit and veggies from Capay Organic Farm that are hand juiced and filled into pouches instead of sticks. They are sold individually and we hope to box them with assorted flavors one day. Each Ice Pop is less then 5G of sugar. Fairyella Ice Pops are now Vegan Certified! They are loved by all ages. They are also being used for teething babies and angels going through chemo. I hope you enjoy my story and love my Ice Pops.


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