“I just absolutely LOVE these ice pops. As a mother of two young children I constantly worry about the amount of sugar my children are ingesting. But with Fairyella Ice pops I can give my daughter and son a treat that is not only low in sugar but also high in vitamins! I only wish I knew about them earlier so that I could use them through the difficult teething times. Luckily we have the book for our next adventure in teeth- losing teeth and having Fairyella leave treats behind. The poems are all beautiful and my daughter loves to hear about Dragonfly Floyd. All around Fairyella and the ice pops have soul, heart, passion behind them. They are products any mother can feel great about sharing with her children. ”

— Erin H.

“Kim, depending on the day I love every flavor! No excuse needed to enjoy a healthy Fairyella ice pop but today they are predicting a hot one and I am planning to savor this cool treat this afternoon with my Mom. Thank you for creating these treasures! The love and passion in your heart from your mother and her story shines through. ”

— Karen T.

“What a amazing story! We stumbled on these at a park. My 3 girls love them. I love them too! Lavender lemonade is sooo refreshing and I feel good about giving them to my kids. Thank you for making this smart and healthy product.”

— Lacey F.

“Great meeting you today at Lafayette Whole Foods. I wish you the best and am so glad your product is at our store! I am going to pass your info on to many in this community that will love what you are doing!”

— Amy S.

“I love these pops, especially the lavender lemon. I’m diabetic and so there’s not a lot of sweets I can have. The lavender lemon have about 1 gram of sugar which is nothing compare to, say everything else on the market. I get them by the case and I keep them in the freezer. Ive had all of the other flavors to, and love them too. Healthy, flavorful….not your mothers ice pops.”

— Stephanie

“Ah! These are amazing! Such a yummy and refreshing treat! The green are my favorite!”

— Danielle

“My 4 year old really likes the Orange Pear pop’s! It’s so nice to have a great treat with out all the sugar and additives! Great job!”

— Jennifer

“Yum yum. Fairyellas ice pops are delicious. I love Lemonade and my kids love the orange. Thanks for bringing healthy ice pops to the market! ”

— Amy